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books.sztuka.net - Shigeru Ban. Complete Works 1985-2010, Taschen
Philip Jodidio
Shigeru Ban. Complete Works 1985-2010
wydanie 1, 2010
język angielski, niemiecki
stron 464
format 308x390 mm
okładka twarda
ISBN 9783836507356
kategoria: monografie
cena brutto:465.50 PLN
przedmiot dostępny
Opis: Shigeru Ban (born Tokyo, 1957) attended SCI-Arc in California and earned his degree at the Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York. Based in Tokyo and Paris, Ban consistently challenges accepted notions of architecture, designing a house without walls, or an exhibition space made from paper tubes and shipping containers. This monograph, compiled with the architect's collaboration, traces his career and features every built work of Shigeru Ban, showing clearly why he is one of the world's most innovative and significant architects. Unlike many of his peers, Ban can create remarkable residences and still find time to design emergency relief housing for disaster areas from Kobe to New Orleans. Often using paper or cardboard tubes as a structural element, his designs give new meaning to the term Paper Architect.
O autorze:
Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard, and edited Connaissance des Arts for over 20 years. His books include TASCHEN's Architecture Now! series, and monographs on Tadao Ando, Norman Foster, Richard Meier, Jean Nouvel, and Zaha Hadid. He is internationally renowned as one of the most popular writers on the subject of architecture.
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